International Women’s Day Special Feature

8 Mar 2019

This International Women’s Day, let’s celebrate women and their contributions to the fluorishing unmanned systems sector! We spotlight on three ladies from Garuda Robotics, YJP Surveyors and Volocopter, who are driven by their aspirations to thrive in their respective careers in this male dominated industry. Read on to hear their thoughts and find out what keeps them inspired in their daily work.

Nurul Syuhadah Rahim

“My leader has always inspired others to dream big. I feel really grateful to be accepted into this team. They guided me from zero to not yet hero but I am climbing up to be a better me in contributing ideas and energy to the team. They make me believe in myself in pursuing my dream and career. Apart from that, my team’s eagerness and desire in creating quality solutions drives to contribute more new ideas. This support system has boosted my energy becoming more productive and effective in completing the given task.”

Nurul Syuhadah Rahim, Geospatial Applications Specialist, Garuda Robotics

Victoria Gerrlich

"It takes bravery to be the first in any environment, but it’s totally worth it to pave the way. I’m looking forward to many more women joining me in this exciting industry and help shape it from the onsets. International women’s day for me stands for promoting equality between men and women. Paramount in the work environment is that having a family and a career may no longer be a threat to one another. No matter how much each of us individuals fights – long term change will only ensue, if the equality is politically manifested.“

Victoria Gerrlich, Flight Test Engineer, Volocopter

Wendy Wong

“To start living your dream life today instead of waiting for something to happen way off in the distant future. For me, nothing is more inspiring that learning from real people who manifest their dreams. From inspiring people who have found ways of turning obstacles into opportunities, who have figured out ways to be resourceful when they lack resources, who focus more on persistence and dedication than excuses and reasons why something won’t work.”

Wendy Wong, ACAD Draftsperson, YJP Surveyors