Source: Financial Tribune
Drone Breaks New Air Speed Record

New Guinness World Record for the fastest drone ever created for drone racing that has recently become increasingly popular!

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Source: Antara News
Indonesia ready to conduct MALE drone flight test in 2019

The MALE is developed to fly for 24 hours with a load of cameras and radars at the altitude of 30,000 feet.

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Source: News Atlas
New approach to chip design could lead to smart drones the size of bottle caps

Micro chip designs could one day be used to make insect-sized drones for search-and-rescue missions!

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Source: Channel News Asia
National Day Parade 2017 to feature 300 unmanned drones

Southeast Asia's biggest drone display to take place during Singapore's National Day Parade.

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Source: UV Online
ECA to develop industrial UGV

The MAX 2.0 is developed for heavy transportation of heavy industrial load.

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Source: 3D Insider
Airobotics Making Completely Autonomous Drones A Reality

This drone can take off, fly and land without the need of human guidance.

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