Source: New Atlas
Scientist set record - for flying blood in a drone

A team of scientists from Johns Hopkins University have set a rather unique record

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Source: Air Cosmos International
Airbus DS tests new UAV demonstrator

This ‘electronic flying device’ is controlled by electromechanical actuators instead of hydraulic components and made completely out of carbon fiber composite.

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Source: Today Online
Self-driving buses and robot aides could double Singapore's growth rate

Greater emphasis has been placed on developing artificial intelligence and data analytic capabilities in Singapore.

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Source: The Verge
This transforming drone can fly like an airplane and spin like a seed

Created by the students from SUTD, the THOR is created to primarily assist in agriculture, surveillance, and payload delivery.

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SkySafe nets $11.5M for technology that monitors, disables rogue drones

The technology can detect, identify, track and take over control rogue drones within monitored airspace.

Source: BBC
Robots with better eyesight and intelligent drones

Smart Robots! In the near future, robots may even become fruit pickers and could tell the difference between a strawberry and a leaf.

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