Source: The Wall Street Journal
Deploying self-driving tech drones on the battlefield

Robotic vehicles are taking aim at the modern battlefield. In Israel, semi-automated vehicles patrol some of the country’s borders.

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Source:Geek Wire
Wireless Charging System For Drones

Seattle-based WiBotic today took the wraps off an integrated wireless charging pad for drones, as well as an onboard charger that weighs just 1.6 ounces.

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Source: PHYS ORG
Solar Powered Drones

Solar-powered flying platforms have yet to prove their real-world applicability outside of targeted demonstrations.

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Source: CNN
unmanned drone from China can take off and land on water

Shanghai UVS Intelligence System is set to become the first company in the world to bring to market a commercial drone that's able to take off and land on water. It says the roughly 20-foot long unmanned seaplane, known as the U650, could be used by businesses and the military.

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Source: Wired
Deliver of blood using drones

drones are already proving their worth with more urgent, medical, missions. The latest of these comes from Silicon Valley startup Matternet, which has been testing an autonomous drone network over Switzerland, shuttling blood and other medical samples between hospitals and testing facilities.

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Source: The Jerusalem Post
Israel latest unmanned defense vehicle

Israel’s Meteor Aerospace Ltd. unveiled RAMBOW, its latest unmanned ground vehicle, at the Autonomous Unmanned Systems and Robotics (AUS&R) 2017 Air Show in Rishon Lezion on Monday. The unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) has a rear bay that can carry up to 700 kg. and a forward mount that can carry a remote-controlled weapon station with a heavy machine gun, or other mission equipment. Unmanned ground vehicles have been a consistent feature of military operations since the beginning of the century, with thousands deployed in conflict zones such as Afghanistan and Iraq.

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