Source: Military
Boeing Wins Contract to Develop Lasers for Drones

Boeing has the authority to create its own laser-armed drone.

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Face Recognition Software for Drones Released by Face-Six

Face recognition software are now made available.

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Source: Asia Times
Pentagon wants tiny ‘kamikaze’ drones

Killer drone that is controlled by human is able to identify a victim to destroy

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Source: Channel NewsAsia
Eyes in the sky: The SAF pilots who fly missions from the ground

He is the only NSF man who can fly UAVs for now

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Source: The Straits Times
NTU-M1 project to develop a safer way to fly drones

Dependable on 4.5G network to fly drones

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Source: Spectrum IEEE
JPL's AI-Powered Racing Drone Challenges Pro Human Pilot

Robotics is progressing rapidly. Drone software is able to surpass human performance

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