Important Notes for Visitors

Show Venue

Changi Exhibition Centre
9 Aviation Park Road
Singapore 498760
GPS Coordinates: 1.364025, 104.022153

Getting There

By Shuttle Buses
A shuttle bus service is available between the Exhibition grounds and Expo MRT Station (CG1).
More information on the shuttle bus service will be available closer to the show.

By Car
Click HERE for directions. Complimentary car parking is available at the exhibition site.

GPS Coordinates: 1.364025, 104.022153

By Taxi
There is a designated pick-up/drop-off taxi bay just outside the exhibition hall. Please note that if you are taking a taxi from the show site, a location surcharge of $10 will apply.

Taxi Booking Hotlines:
(+65) 6342 5222 (+65) 6552 1111 (+65) 6363 6888 (+65) 6485 7777
(+65) 6555 3333 (+65) 6293 5545 (+65) 6778 0808 (+65) 6555 8888

List of Prohibited Items

  • Firearms/Parts of Firearms, including empty magazines and spent cartridges (with percussion cap attached) etc
  • Live Bullet/Blank
  • Air Pistol/Rifle or parts
  • Spear Gun
  • Explosive/Blasting cap/Dynamite/Corrosive Substance
  • Fireworks/crackers
  • Parang/Machete
  • Bearing scrapper
  • Walking Stick with Dagger
  • Antique Pistol/Gun
  • Stun Gun
  • Baton/T-baton
  • Wooden/Metal Spear
  • Night Stick
  • Signal Flare and other Flammable materials
  • Handcuff
  • Tear-Gas Spray/Pepper spray
  • Nanchaku
  • Knuckle Duster
  • Cross Bow
  • Industrial Acid
  • Bullet proof vest
  • Key chain (Bullet/Gun)
  • Lighter in Gun, Pistol, Bullet, Grenade shape
  • Toy gun which resemble actual gun
  • Any sharp items that can be used as a weapon

Other items not allowed into event venue: All canned items

Any person who attends Unmanned Systems Asia 2017 grants permission to Experia Events, its employees and agents to record his or her visual/audio images, including, but not limited to, photographs, digital images, voices, sound or video recordings, audio clips, or accompanying written descriptions, and, without notifying such person, to use his or her name and such images for any purpose of Unmanned Systems Asia, including advertisements for Unmanned Systems Asia and its programs.

If you would like to withdraw the use of your visual/audio images, please write in to and provide a reference to where such usage is made so that the necessary actions may be taken.